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BookLife taps the experience, integrity and authority of Publishers Weekly to help self-published authors achieve their goals. BookLife offers in-depth articles, professional tips and strategies for creating and marketing books; a free weekly BookLife Report e-newsletter; BookLife Reviews, a paid review service; and a free, easy tool to submit self-published books for free review consideration in Publishers Weekly.

The BookLife Prize is a semiannual $5,000 cash award for self-published authors of fiction and nonfiction. In conjunction with Publishers Weekly and BookBrunch, BookLife sponsors the U.S. Selfies, an annual awards program for self-published authors based on the U.K. Selfies awards.

Now celebrating its 150th anniversary, Publishers Weekly is the international news platform of the book publishing industry. Founded in 1872 and published weekly since then, the magazine boasts 1.23 million social media followers; publishes 10 e-newsletters, BookLife (a website and monthly supplement), two blogs, podcasts, a mobile edition, digital editions, and apps; and features a thriving website that reaches 14 million unique visitors annually.

The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community. For almost 90 years, CBE has been showcasing published works at national and international book shows and expos, becoming a dependable resource for the publishers and authors it serves, and the librarians, educators, and publishing professionals who depend on it. The Combined Book Exhibit also partners with the Sharjah International Book Fair to mount the Sharjah International Library Conference, now in its 9th year, in association with the American Library Association.

The New Title Showcase is an official exhibit at the Bologna International Book Fair and is a featured exhibit in the USA Pavilion at the London International Book Fair, Frankfurt International Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair and the Guadalajara International Book Fair. These shows are low-cost ways for publishers and authors to have their titles-both print and digital-on display at major international book fairs and in prime exhibiting locations. Official exhibits mean high visibility, promotion and traffic, and will help drive the audience, including book buyers, publishers, agents, media, librarians and more to your books and ebooks.

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